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McGraw Publishing Inc. is a sharing assisted self-publishing company and website for authors, where authors create and distribute their writings of all kinds free. MP Inc., focus primarily in producing paperback and hardcover books, and E-books for self published authors.Writers who self-publish are more likely to be able to control the rights to their books, set their books sale price and keep a larger proportion of the sales. McGraw Publishing Inc., encourages and helps struggling author build their platform of literary success.

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"Reign of Death" by  Kevin McGraw

Self-Published author Kevin McGraw (picture to your left) of the non-fiction novel "Reign of Death" and Founder of McGraw Publishing found a innovative, costly ways to print his book, convert his manuscript into an e-book, self-publish and make sells to consumers across the globe. He shares this information and knowledge that was so freely giving to him in his quest of becoming a successful author to authos in need of publishing their works, he lives by the concept of "Each One , Teach One."

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