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Bio of Author Kevin McGraw

Some details about kevin and his vision
Kevin McGraw realized that every person on this earth has a story within themselves to share with the world. Kevin's favorite quote is by Lester Brown, " A man has not yet lived, until he has lefted his mark upon this earth" which inspired him to pursue his passion for writing and vision of becoming a great african American male author. Kevin grew up on the south side of Chicago in the Chicago Housing Authority complex, experiencing first hand impovishment, struggles, obsticles and barriers to stagnate a male minority opportunity of achieving citizen productivity.   Taking care of his daughter Keisha and son Kevin Jr., and being a positive life example for them to follow is the only motivation Kevin has fueling his endless writing of good reading material for the world.   Kevin has taken his writing vision and talent to heights unimaginable creating a Youth Anti-Gang Prevention Program and Character-Building curriculum called Operation "STAND DOWN"  which helps save youths lives, deterrane of youth gang participation & violence, communty mobilization, and public safety.  
Kevin previous works are:
1. Reign of Death
2. Operation "STAND DOWN" Anti-Gang Prevention Parent awareness Booklet
3. Operaion "STAND DOWN" Anti-Gang Prevention 47 Lessons Character-Building Curriculum
4. 61 Days of Pleasure (non fiction novel) March 2013 release
5. Blind Love (non-fiction novel) Sept 2013 release
6. Jury Vedict (fiction) Jan 2014 release  

                  From "negative gang participation to positive citizen transformaton"
                               Kevin is a living testimony of the power of change.