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Publishing Steps

Publishing steps for Self-Publishing Authors

Self-publishing means doing the work of the publisher yourself, including cover page design, typesetting, organizing, printing and distribution. McGraw Publishing Inc., will share with you what steps the founder went through to get his works published and out to the global market for sales. If you (the Author) wants Mcgraw Publishing to help sell your novels on this site within our bookstore,contact Kevin McGraw/Founder of McGraw Publishing Inc., and he will work with you to complete that process and help you make money from your works.

The process of creating your e-book is:

1. Finish your book & the cover design
2. Write your book in MS Word or other word processing software programs.
3. Edit your book
4. Convert your book into a PDF file manuscript format. free (
5. Convert your PDF file manuscript into a E-Book. free (
6.You can Sell your book with Mcgraw Publishing Inc book store
7. You can create yourself a webpage to sell your book. free (
8. To host your website at a low price... (

Now your set to go congradulation.
McGraw Publishing Inc., can assist any author with soft cover or hardback book to sell to customers as options to E-book sales.

                                                                                          Thank You
                                                                       Sincerely, Kevin McGraw/founder