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 " Reign of Death" is an riveting amazing story how a young male, Eric Thomas struggled with obstacles and adversities growing up in the city of Chicago, Illinois at the age of seven years old, witnessing four traumatizing family members deaths under the roof of his home, leaving him the only question to God,is "Why?". 


   "REIGN OF DEATH" puts the readers on notice that misdeeds, rioting,betrayals, lies and deceptions are recompense and have the power to turn innocent lives upside down, which results in death. This novel is sure to capture the hearts of readers,and spark many eye-opening conversations throughout the country.------Lisa V. Vargas, CEO/Founder of Truvine Dezign'd Outreach Ministries.
    Testimony for all ! Kevin Mcgraw delivers with his sensational freshman effort, "REIGN OF DEATH", this extraordinary tale deals with difficult and often unspoken issues in a wicked, yet realistic manner. Kevin style, which brings warmth true compassion and originality to all of his characters, keep the readers glued to the pages and wanting more. I DARE YOU, TRY TO PUT IT DOWN! YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO! MY LAST WORDS WERE, "I GOT ALOT OUT OF THAT". ------- David McGraw, CEO/Founder of the IL Public safety Patrol Org.

     "REIGN OF DEATH" unveils the hidden secrets of the many families like the Thomas family,which of whom still exist,and practice these profound lifestyles out here today,even in 2008. The testimony within the very pages of this novel gives serious insight and guidance to humanity of how not to make the same mistakes that cost the Thomas family members their lives.----Author Young, Counselor for substance abuse addiction.




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